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General Conditions of sale
NEXHOTEL*** in Tarbes





The reservation confirmed by fax or by mail implies the acceptance without restriction by the customer or his representative of the present conditions.

A reservation is only confirmed after signing the attached contract and paying a deposit of 50% of the total amount of the invoice.




A/ These contractual rates must remain strictly confidential. They are subject to the indexation of the economic situation, net of any commission.

B/ Payment will be made on the day of receipt of the invoice, except under special conditions stipulated in the contract. In case of late payment, the customer will be liable to pay an indemnity calculated day by day on the basis of the legal interest rate in force plus 2 points.

All invoices under 500 € must be paid in full in cash, before the departure of the participants. 




The exact number of people attending meals or meetings must be confirmed in writing no later than 48 working hours before the start of the event (for less than 50 people) and no later than 5 working days before the start of the event (for more than 50 people). This number will be retained as a minimum basis for invoicing. The readjustment of the number of people present may not be reduced by more than 15% of the initial order. Any catering service not consumed as part of a package will not result in a reduction in the price of the service. In the event that the number of participants is less than that mentioned on the estimate and for any reason whatsoever, the establishment reserves the right to change the lounge initially made available.





In case of cancellation, the deposit paid will not be refunded.

A/ For any cancellation occurring 11 days before the arrival date of the participants, the hotel will not charge the reserved and cancelled services

B/ For any cancellation occurring between 4 and 10 days before the arrival date of the participants, the hotel will charge 50% of the price of the reserved and cancelled services.

C/ For any cancellation occurring less than 72 hours before the arrival date of the participants, the hotel will charge the totality of the price of the reserved and cancelled services.

D/ The hotel reserves the right to unilaterally terminate without notice or compensation any contract whose purpose or cause is incompatible with the purpose of the rented premises, or contrary to good morals, or likely to disturb public order.

E/ The hotel reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the contract without notice or compensation after a simple formal notice remained without effect, in the absence of payment by the client, of all or part of the deposit paid on confirmation.



ACCOMMODATION for individual reservations (except for group reservations / seminars)

You can cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before your arrival.

After this period, the price of the first night will be charged. For stays of more than 2 nights, 30% of the total amount will be debited at the time of reservation.



All extras (telephone, bar...) must be paid for on site by each participant, before their departure. In the absence of payment of these services by the participants, these sums will be directly invoiced to the client who is jointly and severally responsible for their payment.



The client, or failing that the organizer, acting as the client's representative, is responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, that he or she or the participants may cause during the event.

The hotel declines all responsibility for damage of any kind (theft, deterioration, etc.) affecting goods of any kind (personal effects, equipment, etc.) brought by the organizer or belonging to participants, regardless of where the goods are stored (parking lot, lounges, etc.). The hotel will be released from all obligations in the event of an event of force majeure, or fortuitous event, occurring (strike, fire, water damage ...).


A/ Any project of technical installation, various arrangements of the hotel rooms and animation, will be submitted for examination and agreement before the confirmation of the file.

B/ At the end of the contract, the client will remove at his own expense the various materials, effects, documentation and equipment of any kind, brought at his request to the hotel premises for the execution of the contract.

C/ The client agrees to return all rented materials. In case of damage or non-return, the hotel will demand reimbursement.

D/ The hotel will notify the client of any damage suffered by the hotel or its principals during the execution of the contract within 72 hours following the expiration of the contract and will demand compensation.

E/ Commercial events, exhibitions and presentations organized by the client may only take place on the hotel premises after having obtained the approval or authorization of the competent official authorities.

F/ Any musical event must be declared to the SACEM beforehand.


Any complaint must be addressed to the hotel by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within a maximum of 8 days after the departure of the participants. After this period, no claim can be satisfied. Nevertheless, the client undertakes to pay the undisputed part of the invoice in accordance with the terms of the contract, pending the resolution of any dispute.




Any dispute relating to the present general conditions of sale will be under the sole jurisdiction of the Courts of the Hautes-Pyrénées.

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